AKO BICOL is a movement composed of individuals who are either residents of the Bicol Region, born of Bicolano parents, have resided in Bicol or simply interested in the promotion of the welfare and interests of the region and its people, collectively known as “Bicolanos”. 

AKO BICOL aims to unite Bicolanos to work in the development of the Bicol Region through programs and projects that will combat poverty, provide adequate social services, promote full employment, guarantee social justice and full respect for human rights, recognize the sanctity of human life, improve delivery of health services, democratize access to education and training, protect the environment, enhance disaster preparedness and advance the participation of youth, women, gays and lesbians and physically challenged individuals as well senior citizens in nation building.

AKO BICOL endeavors to instill confidence and foster patriotism among Bicolanos through the promotion of Bicol history, arts and culture, appreciation of the role of Bicolano heroes, national figures and other role models in the historical and cultural development of the region and strengthening the inherent resiliency of Bicolanos amidst adversities but at the same time, minimizing and if not totally eradicating, perceived attitudes and values which tend to hamper progress and development.

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