The Search for TOSB Batch 2016


Download the application forms plus the Guidelines here:


EXTENDED DEADLINE: January 15, 2015

For inquiries, contact EDA at (052) 742-1426 or 09068626612. Forms are also available with AKO Bicol Provincial Coordinators and Ako Bicol Main Office.

Interested? Check out the SEARCH CRITERIA and GUIDELINES here:



  1. Eligibility. The Search for Ten Outstanding Bicolano Students is open to all students, whose ages are 18 – 25 years old, graduating or non-graduating, who have shown exemplary performance along scholarship, leadership and service. The applicant must have a Generated Weighted Average of 1.75 in its scholarship credentials to qualify.
  1. Nominee not subjected to Disciplinary action. Nominee should have no record that he/she has been subjected to disciplinary actions for violating any of the rules and regulations of the University/School as certified by the Dean of the College or head of the School. A nominee who does not meet this requirement is automatically disqualified.
  1. Preliminary Search. Preliminary search shall be based on the application forms to be distributed to the different schools nationwide. The application forms of the prospective candidates should be received by the main office of AKO BICOL, including the supporting documents in each criteria required, like on Scholarship, Leadership, and Service.
  1. Point System. The Search Committee will adopt the point system. Ranking shall then be done.
  1. Interpretation of Points in Rank. To get the final rank, the weighted ranks obtained by the individual nominee from the different areas (scholarship, leadership, service, essay and interview) shall be added, the sum shall be used as basis for the final ranking. The one who obtains the lowest total weighted rank qualified as finalists. Only twenty (20) students shall be considered as finalists.
  1. Each academic institution is entitled to one or more slots as its official candidate to be endorsed to AKO BICOL SECRETARIAT, as long as it is officially endorsed by school officials.
  1. Deadline of Submission of Documents. Submission of the names and pertinent documents shall be on or before the 30th of November 2016. (EXTENDED DEADLINE: January 15, 2015)
  1. Composition of the Screening Committee. The Screening Committee shall be composed of CHED Representative as Chairman, AKO BICOL Representative, Business Sector Representative, and Academe Sector Representative as Members, respectively.
  1. Awarding will be on March 7, 2016. Awarding shall be done on March 7, 2016 in an Academic institution identified by the organizer.
  1. Organization of Documents. The nominees should organize the documents in a folder properly labeled in accordance with the arrangement done in the score sheet in a manner that is easy to identify which documents are being referred to. Preliminary scoring should already be undertaken using the attached score sheet and use a pencil for the scores. A required format should be followed to wit:
  • Font Size 12
  • Font Aerial
  • Long bond paper
  • Clear Photocopy of documents
  • Soft/Hard Bound
  • Color of folder- Blue
  1. Authenticated Supporting Documents. All supporting papers must be attached and authenticated. All original documents must be presented to the screening committee.
  2. Second Stage of the Search. For the second stage of the search, the final twenty shall have a community immersion wherein each finalist will be staying with an identified family in the community for a day.
  1. Third Stage of the Search. For the second stage of the search, the committee shall invite the final twenty (20) of the candidates for the essay writing and the final interview. After deliberation, the committee shall come up with the final ten outstanding students.
  1. Final Decision. The decision of the Search Screening Committee shall be final.


The Search for the Ten Outstanding Bicolano Students shall be based on the following:

Scholarship . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .    3.0 pts

Leadership  . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . .    2.0 pts.

Service        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     2.0 pts.

Essay/Interview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    3.0 pts.

A.        Scholarship – 3.0

To determine the standing of the nominee as regards scholarship, the General Weighted Rank from first year to present year level of each nominee shall be multiplied by 3 (except the grades for the 2nd sem. of the current year which is yet to be earned by the student). Ranking is then done with the one obtaining the lowest weighted rank (WR) as No.1 and so on. Students who have failing marks and /or about to fail shall be automatically disqualified.

Supporting Documents Needed:

  1. Certification of Grades from the Registrar
  2. Other documents to support the claim

B.         Leadership – 2.0

(Only membership and involvement in accredited student organizations will be considered /maximum of three (3) positions for each year)

  1. Officership in class organization(s)
     Position Points
President or its equivalent (incumbent) 2
Additional Position as President (past positions) 1
All Others 0.5
  1. Officership in student organizations                                        (University Level)
     Position Points
President or its equivalent (incumbent) 4
Additional Position as President (past positions) 3
All Others 2
  1. Officership in student organizations                                             (College Level)
     Position Points
President or its equivalent (incumbent) 3
Additional Position as President (past positions) 2
All Others 1
  1. As Elected Officer of the College Student Council                       (College Level)
                 Position Points
President or its equivalent (incumbent) 6
Additional Position as President (past positions) 5
All Other Positions (as incumbent) 5
All Other Positions (past years) 4
  1. As Elected Officer of the University Student Council (University Level)
     Position Points
Chairman (incumbent 8
Vice-Chairman 6
All Others 5
All Other Positions (past years) 4
  1. As Elected Officer of Community Based Organization
     Position( Local) Points
Chairman (incumbent) 4
Vice-Chairman 3
All Others 2
All Other Positions (past years) 1
     Position (National) Points
Chairman (incumbent) 6
Vice-Chairman 5
All Others 4
All Other Positions (past years) 3
     Position (International) Points
Chairman (incumbent) 8
Vice-Chairman 6
All Others 5
All Other Positions (past years) 4

The equivalent of President is any relative term, like Chairman, Governor, etc. As reflected in the foregoing set of criteria, in the level of class organizations, a president can get the maximum credit of two points only once. Any additional position as president in the same level will give the student only one (1) point each. All other positions below that of a president will earn .5 each for the student. The same is true to the college and university level organizations. The points, however, are higher or increased depending upon the level and the position. These can be seen in the aforementioned set of criteria.

To determine the standing of the nominee in leadership, the total points earned by him as a result of the evaluation of the supporting documents that he has submitted shall be multiplied by 2.0. (the number of points given for leadership). The one who gets the highest weighted points shall be ranked No.1 and so on.

Supporting Documents Needed:

  1. Appointment or certification from Adviser or Certificate of Commendations/ Appreciation as Officer
  2. For Elective Position, a Certification from the OSS indicating officership through election.
  3. Other documents to support the claims

 C.       Service – 2.0

  1. Winners in Contests (academic and non-academic such oratorical, quiz, athletics, etc)
     Level Points
International First






National 5 4 3
Regional 4 3 2
Provincial/University 3 2 1
City/College 2 1 0.5
  1. Delegates to, participants in seminars, workshops, conferences, congress, etc.




National 4
Regional 3
Provincial/University 2
City/College 1
  1. Speaker, Facilitator, Organizer in Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Congress, etc.




National 4
Regional 3
Provincial/University 2
City/College 1

NOTE: This will be given to students who served as speakers, facilitators, and organizer in addition to being a delegate or a participant.

  1. Member of the Editorial Staff of school publications.
       Position University College
Editor-in-Chief 4 3
Associate Editor 3 2
All Others 2 1

5.Involvement in Committee/Board/Taskforce work appointed by the College Dean  or University President

       Position University College
Chairman 3 2
Vice Chairman 2 1
All Others 1 0.5


  • Involvement as University/College Student Electoral Board and the like
  • Committee formed by the University or the College to work on matters not routinary
  • Involvement in meeting several times and appointment not based on position
  • Involvement of USC/CSC Officer in No. 5 is not counted

Supporting Documents Needed:

  1. Certificates, photos of medals, trophies and other proof of awards (for No. 1)
  2. Certificate of Attendance/Participation (for No. 2); Certificate of Commendation (for No. 1)
  3. Appointment/Certification from organizers and or Certificate of Appreciation as Facilitator, organizer, speaker, etc (for No. 3)
  4. Appointment/Certification from Publication Adviser (for No. 4)
  5. Appointment, Memorandum constituting the committee, Certification from Student Activities Coordinator or Department Chairperson, etc.
  6. Other documents to support the claims.

The same procedure as in leadership shall be observed in the ranking for service.

  1. Essay and Interview – 3.0 pt:
  1. The topic for the Essay shall be given on the date identified by the AKO BICOL PARTYLIST Secretariat;
  2. After the Essay writing, the interview shall immediately proceed;
  1. For the interview, the Search committee shall act as the panel of interviewees, who will conduct the interview portion.

The interview will be graded based on the following:

  1. Substance                                                                                     40%
  2. Articulation/ Spontaneity                                                         20%
  3. Bearing                                                                                          20%
  4. Confidence                                                                                    10%
  5. Input                                                                                              10%

Total = 100%

These criteria and guidelines shall be used each year for the Annual Search for Ten Outstanding Bicolano Students.

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