AKO BICOL sponsors transformation of ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly

AKO Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe sponsored the resolution to transform the AIPA Fact-Finding Committee into AIPA Advisory Council on Dangerous Drug at the 13th Meeting of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly in Conrad Hotel, Manila. This will strengthen the role and mandate of the council as a parliamentary tool to combat dangerous drugs.

View the Video HERE.

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AKO BICOL attends AIPA Fact-Finding Committee (AIFOCOM) to Combat Drug Menace

Cong. Rodel Batocabe of AKO Bicol Partylist with other ASEAN delegates in the 13th Meeting of AIPA Fact-Finding Committee (AIFOCOM) to Combat Drug Menace. This event is being hosted by the Philippines from Jul4-July 8 at Conrad Hotel, Manila.


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AKO BICOL attends AFPPD Central Asian Sub-Regional Conference

AKO Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe was one of the delegates in the recently concluded AFPPD Central Asian Sub-Regional Conference to address issues on youth development and active ageing in the City of Bishkek, Kyrygzstan. He was joined by other parliamentarians to address the challenges of vulnerable populations in Central Asia.


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AKO BICOL discusses policy issues for educational development

Deputy Minority Leader and Ako Bicol Party List Representative Alfredo A. Garbin, Jr. joined the Board Meeting of Camarines Norte State College held at the regional office of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) in Bicol to consider policy issues and proposed strategic plan to keep abreast of the educational developments in accordance with international standards.


During the discussion, salient topics include the status of the implementation of the Free Tuition Policy, continuing education and training for teachers, infrastructure development plan, and the proposed amendment of the organizational structure to give way to new divisions like the International Affairs, and Gender and Development.

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AKO BICOL amends Legislative Franchises Rules and Templates

AKO Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe leads the Technical Working Group of the House Committee on Legislative Franchises.


They amended the CLF Rules and Franchise Templates in the Congress.

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AKO BICOL Cong. Garbin completes Harvard Leadership Program

Congratulations, Deputy Minority Leader and Ako Bicol Party List Representative Alfredo A. Garbin, Jr. for completing the Harvard Kennedy School’s Leadership in Development Program!


The Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, Massachusetts brought together an international cohort of senior public leaders as they face an increasingly complex tapestry of economic, political, and social challenges. The program is aimed to enhance the participants’ understanding of the tasks of leadership in promoting reform, greater knowledge of changes taking place internationally, and a renewed commitment to working with others to develop the societies.

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AKO BICOL on Resorts World House Inquiry

AKO Bicol Rep. Rodel M. Batocabe at the continuation of the House inquiry on the Resorts World Manila incident which was set in motion through HR 1065 filed by AKO Bicol.


Leading to the House inquiry, Cong. Batocabe hopes to identify the parties to be held accountable for this horrific incident and the possible legislative steps to prevent such cases from occurring again.

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AKO BICOL in Quezon City Medical Mission

Ako Bicol Party List joined another medical mission on Sunday, June 11, 2017, at Barangay Baeza, Sitio Mendez, Quezon City. The group, led by Atty. Roberto Rafael “Butch” N. Lucila, formally turned-over reliable supply of essential medicines, which were dispensed to the beneficiaries following consultations with participating medical doctors from various government agencies, including the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Department of Health (DOH).


Tabang sa Karahayan (Medical Assistance Program), being one of the flagship advocacies of Ako Bicol Party List, is aimed to provide basic healthcare assistance to severely medically-underserved communities in the country and initiate sustainable healthcare programs to places where poverty and lack of basic healthcare and education are a problem.

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AKO BICOL donates to Bascaran High School

AKO Bicol Rep. Rodel M. Batocabe returned to Bascaran High School and awarded a 49-inch and internet-ready television to aid the students in their pursuit of quality education.


AKO Bicol strives to make quality education accessible to everyone, especially to those in the rural areas.

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AKO BICOL’s House Bill 3330: Vaporized Nicotine Product Regulation Act of 2016

Executive Summary:

The proposed legislative measure would regulate the packaging, use, sale, distribution, and advertisement of vaporized nicotine products (VNP) to ensure that consumers would be guaranteed the quality and safety of such items available in the market. The regulation of VNP does not aim to discourage the growth and progress of the industry. The regulation of the vape industry will guarantee the continuity of the industry since the current classification of vape instruments as “health-related devices” may potentially increase the costs of e-cigarettes due to the stringent processes these devices have to undergo such as clinical studies and tests. It is seen as a harm reduction industry compared to other tobacco products because it emits less toxins and carcinogens.

The regulation of VNPs will provide a significantly less harmful alternative to cigarettes for smokers who do not or cannot quit smoking.

Aside from regulatory testing by the FDA on the chemicals and by the DTI on the technology used in e-cigarettes, the bill will also mandate the inclusion of a warning on the packages of these e-cigarettes, saying ‘This product may damage your health and is addictive’.


Users of VNPs


The bill has been pending at the House Committee on Health since August 31, 2016

Packaging Content:

 Vaporized Nicotine products are required to contain the list of all the device’s components and an instruction for handling, proper use, and maintenance of the device.

 Warning Content:

 The Graphic Health Warnings Law will not cover VNPs. Unit packets, e-juices, tobacco cartridges, and similar products. It will contain the health warning  ‘This product may damage your health and is addictive’.

Minors will not be allowed to transact with vaporized nicotine products.

Penalties for Non-Compliance:

First Offense: Fine of not more than P 100,000.00

Second Offense: Fine of not more than P 500,000.00

Third Offense Fine of not more than P 1,000,000.00 and/or imprisonment of not more than 5 years

Other Details:

The use of vaporized nicotine products shall only be allowed in private spaces and public spaces other than places of worship, hospitals, health care centers, public conveyances, government offices, and educational facilities.

Vaporized nicotine products are not allowed to show advertisements in television, radio, and cinema.

Carcinogens, mutagenics, reprotoxic additives, respiratory sensitizers, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, diacetyl, and 2,3-pentadione are not allowed to be added in VNPs

Products should be registered with the Department of Trade and Industry three months prior to its release in the market.

A Congressional Oversight Committee will be created to monitor and review the implementation of this act.

To read the full House Bill 3330, CLICK ON THIS LINK:
House Bill 3330: Regulating_VNP

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