Legislative Work


AKO BICOL Party List has authored and co-authored several Bills and Resolutions ever since it was first elected in the 15th Congress up to the present-day 17th Congress, providing substantial contribution to the Filipino people as part of the crucial and relevant partylist system.

Legislative Agenda

AKO BICOL’s legislative agendas are geared towards supporting residents of the Bicol region, people born of Bicolano parents, or those simply interested in the promotion of the welfare and interest of the region and its people, collectively known as Bicolanos.

Some of the priority measures of AKO BICOL are:

HB00526 To Abolish Irrigation Service Fees Imposed On Farmers

HB00524 Mandatory Philhealth Coverage For All Persons With Disabilities

HB00523 Establishing The Filipino Identification System

HB00006 Establishing And Maintaining A Department Of Public Safety In Every Province, City And Municipality

HB00009 Establishment Of A Drug Rehabilitation Center In Every Region

HB00801 Granting Discount Privileges And Other Benefits To Public School Teachers

HB00809 Free Legal Assistance For Senior Citizens

HB00136 Reducing The Optional Retirement Age To 56 Years Old

HB00530 Rural Employment Assistance Program

HB00803 Defining And Penalizing The Crime Of Bullying Of The Marginalized, Oppressed And Powerless

Click on sub-menu to select House Bills or Resolutions.

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