House Resolutions Filed

  • HR 2256: A Resolution Directing The Committee On Trade And Industry The Committee On Banks And Financial Intermediaries To Jointly Conduct An Investigation, In Aid Of Legislation, Of The Sudden Proliferation Of Investment Scams In The Country
  • HR 2198: A Resolution Highly Commending Dean Raul Pangalangan For Being Elected As A Judge To The International Criminal Court (ICC) During The 13th Session Of The Assembly Of States Parties (ASP)
  • HR 1974: A Resolution Urging The Department Of Energy And The Department Of Public Works And Highways To Prescribe The Implementing Rules And Regulations For The Recovery Costs In The Event Of The Need To Relocate The Electric Cooperatives’ Distribution/Transmission Lines For The Primary Purpose Of The Government, Pursuant To The Provision Of R.A. #10531
  • HR 1581: A Resolution Commending Task Force Kapatid And Thousands Of Its Unsung Volunteers For Their Heroism, Selflessness And Sacrifice Beyond The Call Of Duty For Working Under Adverse And Harsh Conditions To Repair And Rehabilitate Power Lines And Stations, Thereby Immediately Restoring Power In Disaster-Ravaged Areas
  • HR 1263: A Resolution Recognizing And Honoring The Achievements of Dr. Helena Zoila Benitez, Awarding Her With The Congressional Medal of Achievement
  • HR 1351: A Resolution Directing The Committee On Natural Resources To Conduct An Inquiry, In Aid of Legislation, Into The Capacity And Readiness Of Appropriate Government Agencies In Dealing With Forest Fires For The Purpose Of Prevention And Containment Of Such Disaster As Well As The Immediate Rehabilitation And/Or Reforestation Of Damaged Areas
  • HR 1303: A Resolution Condemning The Shooting Down Of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 In Its Flight From Amsterdam To Kuala Lumpur On July 16, 2014, Where Three Filipinos Were Among The 298 People Who Perished, Demanding That The Incident Be Impartially Investigated By The Appropriate International Institution And Bringing To Justice Persons And/Or Organizations Found To Be Liable
  • HR 1434: A Resolution Commending The Filipino Un Peacekeepers Who Held Their Ground Against The Attack Of Syrian Rebels In Golan Heights For Displaying Exceptional Courage And Strength Of Character As They Stood Their Ground And Never Surrendered Thereby Making Filipinos Proud Of Their Own Armed Forces
  • HR 1239: A Resolution Directing The Special House Committee On Bicol Recovery And Economic Development To Conduct An Inquiry, In Aid Of Legislation, Into The Policies Implemented By The Government To Prevent The Spread Of And/Or Totally Eradicate The Coconut Scale Insect (Aspidiotus Rigidus) In The Bicol Region To Protect Its Coconut Industry
  • HR 973: A Resolution Urging His Excellency President Benigno S. Aquino Iii, The Cultural Center Of The Philippines, And The National Commission For Culture And The Arts To Confer To Nora Aunor The Honor Of Being Named As A National Artist Of The Philippines For Her Invaluable Contributions To Philippine Arts
  • HR 927: A Resolution Directing The Committee On Transportation To Conduct An Investigation On The Nature, Conditionalities, Account, And Unwarranted Mandatory Creation Of The Travel Fund In The Cancellation Of Flights
  • HR 822: A Resolution Commending Mr. Michael Christian Martinez For Representing The Philippines In The 2014 Winter Olympics In Sochi Russia On February 14, 2014
  • HR 679: A Resolution Directing The Committee On Natural Resources To Order Mining Companies Operating In The Caraga Region To Submit A Report On Their Respective Environmental Protection Programs And Measures To Address Siltation And Other Environmental Problems
  • HR 678: Resolution Commending Ms. Rose ‘Osang’ Fostanes For Winning The X Factor Israel On January 15, 2014 In Tel Aviv, Israel
  • HR 676: A Resolution Directing The Committee On Ways And Means, The Committee On Good Government And Public Accountability And The Committee On Economic Affairs, To Conduct An Inquiry, In Aid Of Legislation On The Reported Loss Of P1.3 Trillion In Government Revenue Due To Smuggling Through The Country’s Ports From 2002 To 2011 As Contained In The 20-Page Study Made By The Federation Of Philippine Industries (Fpi)
  • HR 647: Resolution Commending Ms. Bea Rose Santiago For Her Achievement In Winning The Miss International Beauty 2013 And For Instilling Pride In Filipinos
  • HR 603: A Resolution Condemning The Terrorist Attack In Yemen Which Killed Seven Filipinos And Condoling The Families Of The Victims
  • HR 289: Resolution Urging The Department Of Foreign Affairs To Include In The Visa Waiver Program The Chinese Nationals Coming To The Philippines Via Charter Flights For Tourism Purposes In Destinations Such As, But Not Limited To, Legazpi City, Puerto Princesa, Davao City, Kalibo, And Laoag City
  • HR 104: A Resolution Directing The Committee On Transportation To Conduct An Inquiry In Aid Of Legislation On The Moratorium On The Acceptance Of New Applications/Petitions For The Issuance Of A Certificate Of Public Convenience (Cpc) In View Of The Opening Of The New Roads For Tourism, Resettlement Areas, Urban Centers, And/Or Business Districts
  • HR 93: A Resolution Urging The National Telecommunications Commission (Ntc) And Telecommunication Service Providers To Look Into The Feasibility Of Enforcing A ‘Kill Switch’ For Mobile Phones Or Other Devices In Order To Improve The Current Procedure Of Disabling Stolen, Lost, Or Missing Mobile Phones To Prevent Mobile Phone Theft And Other Crimes
  • HR 72: A Resolution Directing The Committee On Labor And Employment To Conduct An Examination And Inquiry Into The Mechanisms To Improve The Implementation Of The Batas Kasambahay Requiring Employers To Register The Kasambahay With The Barangay, Social Security System (Sss), Pag-Ibig, And Philhealth
  • HR 24: A Resolution Urging The Department Of Energy To Design, Initiate And Implement A National Energy Conservation Program Involving All Levels Of Government And Its Instrumentalities
  • HR 23: Resolution Urging The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration To Craft A Comprehensive Program To Minimize, If Not Totally Eradicate, The Social Costs Of Migration Among Filipino Overseas Workers

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