AKO BICOL’s House Bill 815: Anti-Office Bullying Act of 2016

Executive Summary:

 The enactment of this proposed bill would generate policies inhibiting employees and employers in government and non-government offices from performing acts that would cause lasting damages to their peers and co-workers. This will mandate all offices to adopt a policy on anti-bullying in workplace is to promote workplaces that are free from any form of discrimination, judgement, without any influence of one’s race, ethnicity,  religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, social status, or age.


The bill has been pending in the Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation since July of 2016.


The Filipino laborers

What classifies as office bullying:

  1. Physical harm
  2. Emotional and mental harm
  3. Profanities, name-calling, negative comments on how a person looks and dresses
  4. Cyber-bullying
  5. Spreading of rumors, false news, and gossips against an individual
  6. Management by threat and intimidation
  7. Taking of undue credit
  8. Preventing access to workplace, career, and office opportunities

Other features of the legislative measure:

  1. Anonymous reporting
  2. Disciplinary action will be applied to those who make unfounded accusations

Reportorial Requirements:

  1. For NGOs and Business Establishments: Department of Labor and Employment
  2. For Government institutions: Civil Service Commission


The Secretary of DOLE and Chairperson of CHR will prescribe appropriate administrative actions. Erring non-government offices and business establishments may also suffer the penalty of suspension of their permits to operate when they fail to follow the rules prescribed by the legislative measure.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to view the full House Bill:
House Bill 815: Anti-Office Bullying

One thought on “AKO BICOL’s House Bill 815: Anti-Office Bullying Act of 2016

  1. Please ratify this bill. Many people are suffering from this kind of scenario. It affects much of our productivity especially in the government unit….


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