Ako Bicol Partylist would like to congratulate our 10 OUTSTANDING STUDENTS of BICOL for 2017!!!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful skills, admirable talent and generous heart with us for this year’s search! We are honored to be part of your journey as the future pillars of the Bicolano community.

We hope that this recognition will not only be a testament to your growing potential as an extraordinary person but shall also serve as a challenge for you to continue helping usher in positive growth and development in the Bicol Region.

See you all on March 9 at the Awarding! May your family, school and community shine with pride for what you have achieved!

Padagos ang pagtabang asin pagsurog kan Ako Bicol Partylist sa mga maurag na Bicolanong Juvenes na pursigido na maabot ang saindang pangiturugan, para sa saindang sadiri, pamilya asin banwa!


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