AKO BICOL wants to strengthen the Games and Amusement Board


AKO BICOL Party List Rep. Rodel M. Batocabe has filed House Bill No. 4843 (Games and Amusement Board Act), which seeks to strengthen the Games and Amusement Board by expanding its regulatory powers and supervisory functions over professional sports, other allied activities, and other forms of amusement.

Currently, the Games and Amusement Board continues to provide protection to the betting public against illegal betting or bookie joints, and other forms of organized illegal gambling, while ensuring that professional sports activities continue to be a stable source of revenue.

With the development of new forms of professional sports like the Mixed Martial Arts, together with new modes of betting made available through new technology, it is imperative to strengthen the powers and duties of the Games and Amusement Board so that it can continue to fulfill its mandate.

HB 4843 will provide for expanded powers and functions to the Games and Amusement Board which shall have the authority to enforce all laws relevant to professional sports, as well as a quasi-judicial power to settle questions, matters and controversies or disputes in connection to professional sports under its supervision. Additionally, the Board shall be mandated to have regulatory and supervisory authority over other forms of amusement like beauty pageants and concerts, including maintenance of theme parks.

Please click on LINK below to download House Bill No. 4843:
HB 4843 – Games and Amusement Board Act

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