AKO BICOL upholds rule of law through leadership and service

AKO BICOL Party List Representative and Deputy House Minority Leader Alfredo Garbin, Jr. graced Aquinas University’s St. Raymond of Peñafort Lecture with a talk on the topic “Upholding the Law through Leadership and Service” on Wednesday, February 1, 2017.


Rep. Garbin said “Upholding the law through leadership and service must be given utmost priority today because it is through sacrificing self-interests and leading people towards a common vision that we achieve national development”. “Considering that poverty and security may be ineffective and untrustworthy, people may be ignorant about their rights and privileges, legal assistance may be out of reach, leaving people with little recourse for protection and empowerment, and there could be a climate of impunity for criminal acts and other forms of abuse may go unaddressed”, he added.

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