AKO BICOL leads relief efforts in Albay

AKO BICOL Party List Representative and Deputy House Minority Leader Alfredo Garbin and Malinao Municipal Mayor Avelino Ceriola, in cooperation with Pilipinong may Puso Foundation through Ms. Wen Velasco, led the relief operation on Friday, December 30, at Brgy. Pahayan, Malinao, Albay.


“Whenever you witness people’s sigh in relief, you will know that the service you are trying to give them does not end in the eyes that simply see or the stomach that hungers for food, but, instead it reaches their hearts, making them realize that there are still people who choose to listen and who choose to care”, said Rep. Garbin.

The food packs can sufficiently feed hundreds of familes who were severely-affected by Typhoon Nina on Christmas day. This is but a genuine effort in delivering essential survival requirements to people in desperate situations following a natural disaster.

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