AKO BICOL joins the Entrustment of Firearms and Graduation Ceremonies of Candidate Soldier Class 390-15

AKO BICOL Party List Representative and Deputy House Minority Leader Alfredo A. Garbin, Jr. graced the Entrustment of Firearms and Graduation Ceremonies of Candidate Soldiers on Monday, December 16 at the 9th Infantry (Spear) Division, Philippine Army 9DTS Quadrangle, Camp Elias Angeles, San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur.

After several months of rigorous trainings, the new members of the army have successfully completed the prescribed military training, aimed to provide the candidate soldiers with the basic knowledge and skills of soldiery, to develop their character worthy to be called as members of the Philippine Army, and to prepare them to perform duties as riflemen and automatic riflemen of infantry squads.


Rep. Garbin further graced the momentous event through a message “As protectors of the state and its people, a soldier must respect and observe the rule of law and human rights at all times, one must not allow any form of abuse and corruption as he fulfills his mandate”. “I encourage you to continue in equipping yourselves as the real challenge is just about to start as you go beyond, and always take pride in all your heroic endeavors and in living a life with unquestioning credibility and unswerving loyalty to the country”, he added.

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