AKO BICOL: Free Irrigation to All Farmers Overcomes Once Less Hurdle

AKO BICOL Representatives Alfredo A. Garbin, Jr. and Rodel M. Batocabe were present today during the committee meeting of the Committee on Agriculture and Food, wherein they received assurances from the Committee Chair and its members that House Bill 526 will be passed and referred to the plenary for 2nd Reading, on its way to its passage into law.


HB 526 seeks the abolition of the Irrigation Service Fee (ISF) collected by the National Irrigation Administration, thereby making irrigation services free for all farmers.
The bill identifies irrigation to be a basic governmental function that can very easily be shouldered by the State. Considering that irrigation is a key factor in increasing agricultural productivity, funding it will go a long way in ensuring adequate food supply and the early recovery of the principal means of livelihood in disaster-hit and poverty-stricken areas.

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