AKO BICOL pushes for Free College Education


It is every one’s right to have direct access to free and quality education as mandated by the Constitution, most especially the poor and the underprivileged.

This goal would be made possible by House Bill No. 0813, the “Free College Education for Public High School Graduates Act,” filed by AKO BICOL Party List.

Not only does providing quality education a matter much to be heeded upon by the State, it also mirrors the problem of providing sustainability and productivity to one’s economic life vis-a-vis the government’s as well.

In the proposed Law by AKO BICOL Party List, free college education must be granted to a qualified beneficiary – a high school graduate belonging to a family living below the poverty line as determined by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). The beneficiary would have the right to choose the public or state college or university of his choice within the city, province or region.

Given the present business practice that places a premium on formal post-secondary education or college training, and given the sheer number of graduates of our public school system, this proposed Law by AKO BICOL PartyList is a first concrete step towards providing the deserving graduates of our public high schools with appropriate quality college education keyed to the demands of a highly competitive market place.

Please click on link below to download the House Bill 0813:
HB 0813 – Free College Education for Public High School Graduates Act

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