Three Years After Yolanda- AKO BICOL in Disaster Relief

November 8 marks the third anniversary of the landfall of Super typhoon Yolanda, destroying and affecting the lives of millions of Filipinos. Let us look back and revisit the efforts of AKO BICOL to respond and cater the needs of the survivors.


AKO BICOL zealously collected and prepared relief packs to be distributed to the victims of typhoon Yolanda. These relief goods were donated by generous individuals who genuinely wanted to help the victims back on their feet and move forward.

“I was once a victim of a strong typhoon who almost took away everything that my family had. I knew exactly how it felt to be helpless and to have nothing, except for that piece of hope that everything’s going to be fine with people willing to help.

Preparing those relief packs was draining, but knowing that these will serve like presents that will start to restore their hope and dignity, all the feelings of exhaustion and weariness were swept away.”

-Eda, 23, AKO BICOL Scholar


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