Three Years After Yolanda – AKO BICOL in Disaster Relief (Part 2)

November 8 marks the third anniversary of the landfall of Super typhoon Yolanda, destroying and affecting the lives of millions of Filipinos. Let us look back and revisit the efforts of AKO BICOL to respond and cater the needs of the survivors.


AKO BICOL provided local transfers for the victims to and from the relief centers to receive their relief packs with food, water, clothes, and mats. It made the transfer of goods to the families from far-flung areas safer and faster.

“At that moment, the entire area provided such a depressing view. It was a place of despair and hopelessness, but it wasn’t enough to make me leave the victims behind and let them withstand the situation all by themselves. I knew I had to do my part. Driving them from the help centers and back to their homes was physically tiring and emotionally exhausting. But upon seeing the smiles of their children patiently waiting, everything was just worth it.

Every smile was a true glimpse of hope.”
-Nico, 26, AKO BICOL Yolanda Volunteer


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