AKO BICOL on Federalism

AKO BICOL Party List Rep. Rodel M. Batocabe was a Resource Speaker during the Federalism Congress titled “Awakening the Consciousness of the Filipino Mind on Social Issues: A Barangay Perception” on Thursday, October 13 at the Legazpi City Covention Center, Airport Road, Legazpi City.

During his discussion about the benefits of a federal for of government in the Barangays, Rep. Batocabe said, “Through the proposed federalism, aside from autonomy and empowerment given to the LGUs and their Barangays, it will help them achieve a certain independence that will enable them to set their own vision and strategies to achieve their goals that will ensure inclusive growth in the community”. “It will also encourage local officials to be more creative and innovative in terms of income-generation, and these funds shall be spent accordingly to their chosen priorities that will also ensure achievement of desired results”.


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