The AKO Bicol Partylist’s success on its campaign continues to be more evident as it placed second among all partylists in the recent PulseAsia Survey conducted from March 12 until March 18. Last month, AKO Bicol placed third on the PulseAsia survey conducted from February 15 until February 20 in the same year, and it now maintains a foothold on the top three spots in the said prestigious nationwide survey.

“Once might be a fluke, but twice is a sign of a developing pattern”, says AKO Bicol Representative Rodel Batocabe, “this is an indication that we have done something right in our previous term and that the voting populace acknowledges we can do more in the 17th Congress”.

AKO Bicol raked in 6% of the total votes in the nationwide survey, which means three total seats in Congress for the Region V-based partylist, if the results of the sample polls hold true until May 9.

The report also revealed that AKO Bicol was the preferred choice among the electorate outside of Manila (13.61% outside NCR). With regard to voters from socio-economic classes, AKO Bicol drew voters from Brackets D (6.82%) and E(4.84%), a bigger voting population.

“There are many ways to interpret the data, but what is important is we presumably have the approval of people from outside Manila in lower income brackets”, said Batocabe, “it means that our programs and proposed legislation resonate with those who have less in law. These are the people that deserve more in life”.

The PulseAsia Survey is a nationwide voters’ poll which was conducted among 2,600 voters. It currently has a +/- 1.9 % error margin and a 95% confidence level.


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