AKO Bicol Partylist previously distributed 26,000 coconut seedlings to thousands of Bicolano farmers from Bacacay, Albay, as assistance to the agricultural sector in the region, which badly suffered from the recent typhoons and storms.

In a follow-up visit to these farmers, AKO Bicol personnel found the seedlings in good growing condition, with the assistance of the local government unit in Bacacay.

According to Vicente Bataller, one of the program’s beneficiaries, AKO Bicol’s assistance was instrumental in helping accelerate the recovery from the effects of recent typhoons. Bataller also added he and his fellow farmers from Bacacay will continue supporting the partylist not only in gratitude to the assistance they have received but also to acknowledge what AKO Bicol has done and is doing to other concerns of their community in areas such as education, health, livelihood, culture, and human rights.

Rep. Rodel Batocabe leading the launch of the Coconut Planting program for the Bacacay Farmers back in 2013
Rep. Rodel Batocabe distributing 26,000 seedlings to Bacacay farmers.

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