Stronger families a panacea to poverty

Poverty is the primary problem in Philippine society. Money, or the lack thereof, has been the root of most crimes in society. In this day and age, how can we solve such conundrum? Is there anything we can do and where do we start?

Every now and then someone thinks of solutions to a common problem that will benefit each and every stakeholder in society, like Jabar Barandon, an Accountancy student of Naga College Foundation, who, at a tender age, has thought of and taken positive steps to combat poverty. In the process of selecting the 2016 Ten Oustanding Students of Bicol, Barandon’s proposal entitled “Financial FAMILYteracy” was chosen as the best out of the 20 submissions given by his batchmates.


In the said proposal, he proposed the strengthening of each and every family in such a manner where every single member can help fortify and contribute to the sense of togetherness in the home. This, he stressed, can be achieved once parents undergo financial literacy programs which will give them the technical know-how in allocating budgets and embarking on new ways to generate income for the household. Through their participation in the financial literacy program, the parents will have a better grasp of managing the community funds, as well as the discovery of any possible outcomes for every financial decision they make. More importantly, it will give the families the capacity to create savings whenever they need some money for a rainy day.

Because of his proposal, Barandon received a Certificate of Recognition and P5000 worth of Gift Certificates from LCC Supermarket. Barandon was excited at the thought of winning, saying he now has more conviction in pushing through with his proposal through either his own efforts or through the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants, NCF Chapter.

It is undeniable that there is a responsibility in each family to help each other succeed. With the problems that Philippine society as a whole is facing, it is proper that progress and success start within the confines of the house, where each one is taught at the proper ways of making use of limited resources.

Tough time don’t last, but strong families do, and the AKO Bicol Partylist hopes that each family adopts Barandon’s stance as to financial literacy so that the community may achieve its fullest potential.

Jabar Barandon

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