Pedro Mancera started small in the Basud Coconut and Pineapple Cooperative (BACOPICO) in Basud, Camarines Norte. Now he has an export business in partnership with the said cooperative, looking to touch base with international markets such as Japan.

As of press time, the BACOPICO is now fully capacitated to enter into contracts without the help of middlemen and can now fully engage in direct transactions with clients. Because of this, the Cooperative now has the assurance of increased income to give the coconut and pineapple farmers improved standards of living.

The BACOPICO achieved its success through the assistance and unqualified support of the AKO Bicol Partylist, which readily extended a helping hand since 2009, despite AKO Bicol’s lack of a congressional seat. When AKO Bicol finally won a seat in 2010 as the representative of Bicolanos, BACOPICO enjoyed the influx of financial benefits from the partylist. Aside from financial assistance, BACOPICO received machineries, tools, and equipment as well as the technical capacity to grow their capital and their business in the BACOPICO.

The partylist also served as a bridge between the BACOPICO and the mainstream market, where the BACOPICO was able to sell its trademark geo-net, now its staple product which foreign markets have a heavy demand for. BACOPICO has also started to engage in the organic fertilizier business with its used coconut husks.

For the BACOPICO and its farmers, AKO Bicol is a sure bet for Congress.


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