AKO Bicol Partylist expresses its utmost thanks to the Bicolanos as it ranked third among all partylists in the latest Pulse Asia Survey. According to 2nd Nominee Rodel Batocabe, they are “very happy” with the results especially because it bested its previous performance in 2010 and 2013.

“In 2010, it took us until April to finally crack the top five in the Pulse Asia Survey”, said Batocabe, “and in 2013 it took us until March to make it to number 21. Despite all the criticism, I am glad we have earned the trust of Bicolanos”.

The survey revealed that as of February 2016, AKO Bicol has already ranked third at 5.23%. The survey further stated that the partylist garnered a 93% approval rating in Albay, and is now the leading partylist in Bicol. Batocabe and his team are now awaiting the polls in May to see their hard work come to fruition.

AKO Bicol is the 16th partylist in the ballot, and is relying on the support of voters from almost 5.42 million Bicolanos for another possible term in Congress and another chance to be of service to the Bicol Region.





About AKO BICOL Party List

Katabang Na, Kasurog Pa.
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