AKO Bicol Partylist was deeply saddened after a nine-year old girl from Castilla, Sorsogon was allegedly molested and suffered a head contusion after being hit by a blunt object. The suspect is also of minor age who is currently one of the out of school youth.

Rodel Batocabe, 2nd Nominee of AKO Bicol, expressed frustration over the incident, disappointed with the status of the Bicolano youth, especially after he and his team had recently concluded awarding the Ten Outstanding Students of Bicol.

“We just finished awarding the Ten Outstanding Students of Bicol, and now this happens”, said Batocabe, “it just reminds us that there are still flaws in our programs for the youth not only in Bicol but in society as a whole, and there are is so much to do, given the chance”.

AKO Bicol strongly condemns incidents such as these, as the partylist continues its advocacy against Violence Against Women and Children, smoking, illegal drugs, and alcohol and substance abuse, aiming to shield our youth from their pernicious effects such as addiction and the commission of crimes. Batocabe and his team seek to steer the youth away from such activities by promoting free education for Bicolanos through technical vocational courses, where the Bicolano youth learn practical skills such as welding, weaving, and handicraft.

AKO Bicol, which is vying for another term in Congress, will continue to push for the strengthening of the technical vocation courses.


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