Ako Bicol (AKB) Party List representative and the Partylist Coalition Foundation’s Spokesperson Rodel Batocabe urge Filipinos to stop the call for President Aquino’s impeachment following the tragic Mamasapano incident.

“We need to look at the bigger picture.” Rep Batocabe stated. “At this point, the President only has but one year left in Malacanang. His impeachment or resignation at this point of the game will mean nothing good for the Filipino people.”

The representative emphasized that instead of helping, such calls would only end up prejudicing the welfare of the general public. “With impeachment, imagine that the Congress, instead of focusing on legislative reforms and policy evaluation and development that are of great importance and bear more weight in improving the lives of our countrymen, will now have to devote their energy and time to such a controversy.

Rep. Batocabe further challenged, “And once they succeed or if Pnoy resigns, who will replace him? The VP who is embroiled in his own controversy? And even if VP Binay does take charge, he will have a very hard time in laying down his own program of governance, reorganizing the government and implementing his policies with just less than a year. The time is undoubtedly not enough.”

“The Philippines would then be left in a state of paralysis.” the representative warned. Recognizing the grief of the nation, he encouraged Filipinos to rally behind the President. “An attack on the President is an attack on the Philippine people. This is the time where we have to be united in the face of the enemies of the state. Division will bear no merit. Let our grief breed strength not weakness.”

“In sum, calls for impeachment are nothing but epalistic propaganda strategies in aid for the 2016 elections.” Rep. Batocabe added. He urged Filipinos to focus on the right questions, which is the identification of the real culprits behind the massacre and bringing them to justice.

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