Checking out movie options? Let’s go classic.

Ina ka ng Anak Mo is a 1979 classic and an official entry to the 1979 Metro Manila Film Festival. I remember its official movie poster of Lolita Rodriguez’ face transitioning to that of Nora Aunor in what looked to me as prisms. (I do hope I remember that right).

Well, the story is about a mother and her daughter (classic) and I am not going to tell you guys any more than that. Let me tell you though that movie fans are in for a treat! This movie is the first and only collaboration and on-screen acting duel between two of the greatest actresses of the Philippine Cinema; Nora Aunor and Lolita Rodriguez. It’s rare to see Nora up against another female acting titan in a movie. And a little trivia: both actresses were recognized as Best Actress at the film fest award’s night. Oh, this is gonna be so exciting!

So you all know what I am blabbering about, come see this movie today, September 11, 2014 at Plaza Quezon in Naga City… a little celebration of some of Nora Aunor’s great films brought to you by Ako Bicol Partylist. See you there!


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